Luke Combs-Reasons (unreleased)

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Title : Luke Combs-Reasons (unreleased)
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Published : 9 Okt 2018
Author : Joshua York

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Country music.... these are the lyrics the best I can hear them verse and chorus and how the song progresses.
Dont know why you cant but wine around here on sundays
Or an ice cold beer at a college football game.
Dont know why at 18 momma gave me a curfew.
It was son you under my roof then you're under my rules
I guess it's all a part of a bigger plan
Something I'll never understand.

But they got their reasons just like you
When you walked out of my life when you didnt have too.
You sent me reeling, there's nothing I can do
Watch you take my heart and break it right into.
So if you see me soaking in these thoughts I'm thinkin.
Drowning in some bar room off the deep end.... I got my reasons.


Dont know why them uptown guys sit 3 seats from me.
Raising em up just as fast as they can put em down.
Or why that old timer wants the Yankees on the tv.
And the barkeep keeps buying that one girl free rounds....



Well i guess it's all a part of a bigger plan
Something I'll never understand


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